How to make a user-friendly Ecommerce website?

Over the years, Ecommerce has grown with its popularity amongst global shoppers. It allows people to enjoy online mobile shopping in the comfort of their home. Also, an efficient and smooth functioning of whole online shopping process can’t be imagined without a user-friendly Ecommerce website. Moreover, it is also essential in making any business plan.


A good Ecommerce website design is crucial to attracting, motivate and retain your customers. It is always imperative for an Ecommerce website developer to create a website that reflects the overall image and theme of your online business. Your products or services should be clearly visible on every web page.

Here, we are putting some light on five crucial factors that should be considered while creating a user-friendly commerce website:

Eye Catching Website

As discussed above, a website design is crucial for an Ecommerce website success, so always take it seriously to make it unique and eye-catching. An attractive website design will help you to attract more online customers to your site. In order to add more appeal to your business website, always try to use color schemes and contrast that reflect your business theme.

User-friendly Interface

It is an extremely important factor while designing an Ecommerce website. A poor interface may stand you in a risk of losing your customers who find it difficult to explore and navigate on your website. A good and user-friendly interface make your website easy to navigate and explore. This can create interest in your online customers to browse your website products for purchasing.

Clear Product Display

Importantly, make sure your Ecommerce store should display clear and appealing images with an enhanced or closer view of your products. If you have owned a variety of products images in your web store, then you can group all of them to make image categories that in turn display on your site homepage.

Suitable Ecommerce Platform

A number of Ecommerce Platforms are available on the market that differs in their respective features and functionalities. Some of the popular Ecommerce platforms that one can choose from include; Magento, Woocommerce, Oscommerce, Shopify, and Bigcommerce.

Magento as a feature-rich platform provides total flexibility and control to customize look, content, and usability of an online store. But managing this system is more complex.

Oscommerce can be a perfect choice for small business owners, as it is extremely user-friendly and requires a little programming knowledge.

Simple and User-Friendly Checkout Process

You can get good conversion rates having a single checkout process on your Ecommerce website. A single checkout process also helps to avoid repeat purchase and thereby ensures improved client satisfaction.

As an online website owner, you can apply all above mentioned tricks while making a user-friendly Ecommerce website for a sure success of your online venture.

Don’t forget to share your views when your Ecommerce website starts getting positive results!


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