Advantages of Integrating a Blog Extension into Magento Ecommerce Store

Around the globe, online shopping has gained much popularity amongst shoppers and in turn, Ecommerce has emerged out as one of the fastest growing sector compared to retail or virtual stores. Seeking this wider scope of Ecommerce, mostly businesses opting for Magento Ecommerce Platform for their online stores. This craze of using Magento based open source websites is just due to the fact that Magento offers plentiful advantages to its customers to fulfill their business needs.


Advantages of Integrating a Blog Extension

A blog can play a big role to attract a good number of visitors on an Ecommerce business website and successively helps to improve online website ranking on Search Engines. Also, it helps to raise a brand loyalty to inform online visitors about new products information, discounts and offers from an organization.

Integrating a blog with a Magento Ecommerce Website can offer some striking advantages as listed below:

  • This can be an outstanding way to build and enhance relation with customers.
  • Also, it allows clients to share their reviews about particular product purchase and helps businesses to better improve their products or services to offer.
  • It helps online clients to take a better decision on reading reviews and comments of other clients.
  • The blog helps businesses to freely announce the introduction of new products and features.
  • A blog having different articles can be beneficial for enhanced Google rankings especially for visitors who are looking for specific product reviews and improve chances of their conversion rates.
  • It helps businesses to advertise different products links on Magento store to boost-up traffic.

Nowadays “Content Marketing” is booming – People purchase products from that website who inform and help about products detailed aspects.

Integrating a Blog Extension into Magento Ecommerce Website

Once a business has decided to create a blog on its Magento website, it will be necessary to choose any one of two ways i.e. Magento Blog extension or Integration with WordPress blog.

Magento Blog Extensions

Two most popular Blog is extensions are from ‘AheadWorks’ and ‘MagPleasure’, both extensions offer out of the box functionalities to its users. Some of the main features are-

  • Link to the author’s pages and Social networks.
  • Adding a thumbnail image to the post
  • Automatically publish the delayed posts
  • Subscribing to new post comments
  • Opportunity to monitor the number of post views and new custom WYSIWYG editor.

After purchasing any of above blog extension it is necessary to check for the code-quality and promised quality free support.

Integration with WordPress Blog

It is necessary to use the special extension- FishPig for WordPress blog integration on Magento web store. The main advantages that a business can get with this WordPress integration are;

  • It provides the full-fledged blog with plentiful of tools & plug-ins and requires minimum need for additional support.
  • Takes less time and resources for the development of a new theme design.

So, businesses are advised, to begin with a simple WordPress blog having different SEO Optimized articles that a business can share with their clients through different social medias. Also, businesses can share old articles several times to improve their website. Moreover, Magento Blog extension can make sure their business website traffic remain high.

We at Towering Media have expertise in integrating blog extensions into Magento Ecommerce Store and also writing and posting SEO optimized articles with proper keywords.

If you have owned a Magento Ecommerce Store and seeking for integrating a Blog extension or a content marketing activity then do contact us.


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