WordPress vs Magento- Which is the better pick for your Ecommerce website?

While creating a new Ecommerce website, you might sometimes confuse- which one to pick from WordPress vs Magento as a suitable platform for the perfect Ecommerce functionality.


Both Ecommerce platforms- Magento and WordPress can be used to run an Ecommerce website for the best customer outreach and business growth.

These programs are usually designed to serve different purposes, so a choice to pick one platform over the other clearly depends on upon a business goal and needful functionality of an online store.

So, as a business owner you should consider your main business objectives such as; sell products, grow your customer base and ease of use for choosing a right platform.

How WordPress and Magento Can Help An Online Business?

Despite having different functionalities, both WordPress and Magento platforms share some features and tools that make it hard to pick the better one. As stated below:

  • Both are open-source platforms to allow admin to change the respective codes for a business advantage.
  • Help an online business to create complex site pages with ease
  • Allow multiple themes, equally customizable, with a great community support.
  • WordPress is essentially helpful to grow a customer base and can be easily customized into an Ecommerce tool.
  • Magento usually helps to increase sales by offering extensive shopping modules and extensions and also promises better security.

Easily Publish Your Content with WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) and a blogging tool with an extensive worldwide customer base of more than 60 million websites.

Some popular WordPress features includes:

  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Easily publish and schedule blogs and publications.
  • Comes with more than 70 global languages.
  • Provides thousands of customizable plugins.
  • Search Engine Optimized.

Boost your online sales with Magento:

Like WordPress, Magento is also built on an open source technology. It is the perfect platform for the businesses looking to begin an online business or extending their current online business store with many new features and functionalities. Magento offers a wide variety of features and also helps in easily managing various aspects of the online shopping and checkout process. Some popular Magento features includes:

  • Globally trusted Ecommerce platform having more than 150,000 happy clients base extended from small businesses to big corporate houses, including some globally prestigious brands.
  • Offers the flexibility to set up online stores, as per respective business needs having rich features like mobile commerce, multi-store management, marketing, search engine optimization, generating reports, and other essential online business management tools.
  • Helps to create complex web content pages, version and menu control.


WordPress can be a better and much easier option for beginners. WordPress allows you to easily create pages and write posts that can be edited and published later on. You can also index these posts and pages using function tags and loops. Although, a simple WordPress site can be converted into a basic Ecommerce site using various plugins and themes, but still this platform isn’t suitable for a professional online business store.

On the other hand, Magento is exclusively an Ecommerce platform that helps in online selling. Therefore, first decide your preference before picking an ideal platform for your online website. If you are looking to create specifically an Ecommerce website then go for Magento and WordPress can be the best pick for generating more customers traffic on your business website.

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