Hire Magento Developer to Update Your eCommerce Website

In fact, a website should have some regime after every couple of years. Technology will have been updated to a point where your website components are either discouraging your endeavors or no longer match the measures of your rivals. Since over 90% of shopping are started through an online hunt, your online presence is known to be the unrivaled platform a potential customer will see before choosing you or your rival for availing the services.


Technical hitches are clear place to start with. Website development goes about as the blood line for a website and if your site has broken links and error pages, you are providing your clients an awful experience and at last dismissing business. Such technical web development issues scale back the client trust as well as effect the Search Engine Optimization rankings. Long loading time is another issue that contrarily influences the client impressions.

Almost 40% of clients desert a website that takes over 3 seconds to load. The common mistake in the current digital marketing and technology atmosphere is not having a mobile site or having an ineffectively working mobile presence. 60% of clients are less inclined to come back to a mobile site in the event that they experienced difficulty and 40% pick a competitor’s website.

Offering clients a sub standard online experience gravely influences your image as the clients share a negative survey more likely than a positive one. As around 80% of customers search out referrals before choosing where to do business, obsolete and ineffectively working websites can have durable and far reaching results. In this manner, it is essential to equip your website with encouraging and simple to access client testimonials and reviews.

Over 70% of individuals trust online reviews written by other customers. Try to improve the reviews by spending more time and investing more energy in the layout of the website. Conducting an analysis of the client experience of your website navigation makes the design easy to navigate which can itself attract the visitors and keep them engaged. At Towering Media, we can enable you to refresh your website in the most comprehensive way. Hire Magento developers from us specializing in website designing and navigation.

We believe in complete transparency which is the reason we propose various thoughts to our customers and talk about the components that best fit their needs and necessities.


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